The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

هذه التدوينة في قسم: موليكيلو يسولف July 27th, 2008
I received an email yesterday from a nice visitor asking me whether or not I’ve watched the (The Dark Night) movie, and seeking my opinion since he, as kindly stated, trusts my taste! :)
Well, it just happened that I watched it last night! … what a coincidence! :)

First of… the movie features “many” brilliant actors in supporting roles, like for instance: Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Maggie Gyllenhaal… even William Fichtner acted in a single scene!
That should give boosts to your expectations! :)

Christian Bale did very well in this movie.. same good stuff he did in the (Batman Begins).. and Heath Ledger pushed the envelop to maximum.. he was smashing!

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After watching the movie, I have a better understanding why they called the previous one (Batman Begins), for this movie depends to somewhat noticeable level on it. However this movie (The Dark Knight) is self-contained and you don’t have to watch the previous one to fairly understand what’s going on…

In my opinion the move is a very good one… however, it was pretty sad to watch Heath Ledger (died six months ago) acting in it…

Heath Ledger was stunning, this was his best performance in my opinion, and it was clear that he made a tremendous effort to play this character (the joker) the way he did. He reminded me of his best friend (and my best actor BTW) Daniel Day-Lewis in (Gangs of New York), in which you sympathise with the bad guy just because he is so convincing!

Bottom line, good movie.. watch it guys! :)



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